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Wakayama city is the capital city of Wakayama prefecture in Kansai Region. This is a quite small city with less than 400,000 people (if you compare to Osaka) but very spread out with a lot of seasides.

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Wakayama is just one hour from Osaka and Kansai Airport and is far from the touristy crowd you can experience in Kyoto, Nara or Osaka and propose a good sightseeing alternative

You can reach Wakayama from Osaka with the Nankai line (the same as to go to Kansai Airport). The journey will last approximately 1h

From Wakayama, you can then visit not only the city but also Wakayama prefecture and reach Nachi Falls on this other side (3h ride).

What to eat in Wakayama?

Wakayama is well known place for Ramen!

You can find a nice and local one, just in the basement of the mall next to the Wakayama station. You will have to line up to have a chance to taste it!

You can check here for the address

Wakayama Castle and Momiji Garden

Wakayama has also a castle like the one in Osaka surrounded by a lovely garden, most beautiful at koyo season

Kimiidera temple

Kimiidera temple is the most important temple to visit in Wakayama City. It was be built in 770! If you climb up to the temple, you will enjoy a very impressive panorama view of Wakayama city. I would strongly recommend to visit this place during Cherry Blossom.

Saigasaki Area

Further in the south of Wakayama center, you can visit Saigasaki Area, a quiet harbor perfect to have a rest. You can find here more info about it.

There is a nice Ryokan overlooking the harbor where you can enjoy an outdoor onsen with a spectacular view: Kancho

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