Kazakhstan - Summer 2017

The first question you might want to ask is “what the hell did you spend your summer in Kazakhstan???” Actually the International Exhibition took place in Astana, the Capital City of Kazakhstan, in summer 2017. It was the first reason of my coming in this country no one knows in the Western World! Indeed, I was invited for the opening of Expo2017 in June 2017 since I was exhibiting my photos around the French Pavilion.

And then, it happened that I came 3 times during the summer and stay almost 2 months! It was actually a very nice surprise!

Expo 2017

Kazakhstan, a former USSR republic, is today the 9th biggest country in the world between Russia and China, with “only” 18 million people. There is a lot of variety of landscape from Kazakh steppe, to mountains like in the Alps and deserts and canyon like in the West USA. This is what I’m going to show you with my photos.

Landscape in Kazakhstan

In term of cities, Kazakhstan is about the rivality between Astana, the new modern capital in the middle of the steppe booming like a little Dubai and Almaty the former historic capital and still biggest city, in the middle of the mountains in the south east end part of the country. 


1.2 million people, capital of Kazakhstan since 1998 (former name: Tselinograd)


1.8 million people, former capital of Kazakhstan (former name: Alma-Ata)

People of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the Central Asia country in the middle of the Silk Road, cross-ways of Eurasian cultures. You can meet Kazakhs of course, but also Siberian Russians, Chinese, Mongolian, Turkish Kazakhstans! 

Kazakhstan and kids

Kazakhstan is today a large country but the total population is no more than the Capital cities of the two giants neighbors! Kids are then a national priority for the country to develop. Therefore, Kazakhstan is a very family-friendly country.

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