1. Seoul

    Date 04 Dec 2018
    Seoul - Sightseeing and photo spots in Seoul Seoul is a huge city (6 times bigger than central Paris for example). This is important to know in advance where to go and what to see since the city is offering a lot! One week there is not too much and will allow to…

  2. Sumatra

    Date 13 Jun 2018
    I had the chance to visit during one week in June 2018 one of the most remote and unknown part of Indonesia: Sumatra.  Sumatra is one of the island belonging to Indonesia. This is the 7th biggest island in the world (twice bigger than the Great Britain) and probably also one of…

  3. China

    Date 20 Apr 2018
    This article is about my stay in China mostly between 2008 and 2011. I was based in Shanghai and I saw this dazzling city change very fast. This is where I started to practice photography little by little while I was travelling around the country during my spare time. I was an amateur photographer at…

  4. Sri Lanka

    Date 02 Apr 2018
    My journey in Sri Lanka in February 2018 wasn’t about getting only to the most touristy area but exploring places that are not yet popular Here was my 10 days itinerary organized by Sri Lanka Tourism Board Step 1: Colombo The biggest city in Sri Lanka (population: 800,000) worths visiting to get the vibes of…

  5. Kazakhstan

    Date 29 Mar 2018
    Kazakhstan - Summer 2017 The first question you might want to ask is “what the hell did you spend your summer in Kazakhstan???” Actually the International Exhibition took place in Astana, the Capital City of Kazakhstan, in summer 2017. It was the first reason of my coming in this country no…

  6. Japan

    Date 31 May 2017
    I’ve been 8 times to Japan so far (from 2006 to 2018) and I always feel an intense need to go back. There are many reasons to go to Japan: Japan is unique (culture, city, people, etc.)Japan offers unlimited photography opportunities in every season (except may be summer)Japan is probably the best place on…

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